What is 'Practical Karate'?


Some Karate clubs spend hundreds of hours teaching their students a range of techniques but never teach them how to properly apply what they have learned to the kind of practical, real world situations that they may be unlucky enough to encounter.

At the Norfolk Practical Karate Club we specialise in teaching the practical fighting techniques enshrined in traditional Karate Kata. We reinforce this knowledge by testing and developing our student's techniques assisted by the regular use of Martial Art equipment.

Self-defence & personal security

Our aim is to practice Karate as the creators intended it to be used - as a civilian self-defence system in a civilian environment. With today’s society and UK law in mind, our approach is direct, pragmatic and realistic. Students will learn: threat awareness; threat assessment and threat avoidance; verbal de-escalation; pre-emptive striking and fighting to facilitate an escape.

Fighting skills, tactics & fitness

We use the combative principles and concepts found in Shotokan Kata for our fighting drills. The skills learnt will incorporate effective and simple techniques to put an assailant out of action, enabling you to escape if you were attacked. Fighting skills will also be used to develop other benefits such as: fighting spirit, fitness, scenario training and adrenal testing.

Martial Arts & self-development

This aspect covers the cultural & historical background, personal development, life enhancing, health and well-being side of Karate.

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